Advokat, Ms. Psych., foredragsholder

Hanne er international advokat og ledelsesrådgiver. Hun har beskæftiget sig med M&A og organisatorisk forandring i to årtier i krydsfeltet mellem leadership og management. 

'As I went into the meeting with my team of legal colleagues, about to explain why yet another acquisition had failed to reach its full potential, our biased and one-sided approach began to dawn on me. Being lawyers our sole focus was on the factual and management part of the organizational change initiated by the acquisition. We were blind to the softer leadership side of change. I set out on a journey to understand the people side of organizational change. 

I soon realised that we had to include management as well as leadership to succeed in the M&A business I was in. I decided to build the bridge between law and humanities - management and leadership - and bring them together in a change leadership toolbox inspired by the Nordic leadership tradition because leadership and management are equally important.'

- Fra forordet til 'Leading Change Management - a Nordic Twist'